Zhiyog Electronic System (ZESt)

Launch of the Zhiyog Electronic System (ZESt) for Civil Service on February 21,2020

“These technologies excite me as they present immense opportunities for the future. Among the many countries in the world, those which prepare for this change and build the foundations to take advantage of such technological advancements will prosper and develop. Those which are not able to do so will invariably be left behind”.
– His Majesty the King during the 14th RUB Convocation on 24th May, 2019.

Coinciding with the 40th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the Fifth Druk Gyalpo, a new web-based online human resource management system for the civil service – the Zhiyog Electronic System (ZESt) is being launched. ZESt draws data from the existing Civil Service Information System (CSIS) but has been developed as a new IT system. The development of ZESt started in 2018 after CSIS could not cope with the increasing demand for additional features and as technical glitches increased overtime. This new system which was developed using Design Thinking tools to ensure user-friendliness and orientation, has smart features like auto notification, auto validation, better security features, self-service and other intuitive User Interface.

The ZESt will provide holistic information on human resources (HR) in an organization with features like the dashboard which shows the real-time data on HR in various forms, which will facilitate efficient and effective decision making. Further many lengthy HR processes, like the recruitment which took a minimum of 20 minutes to fill the information and data could be lost if the process was not completed in a sitting, can now be done in 5 minutes. Similarly, promotion processes that required filling up many data fields for each staff that was eligible for promotion is now fully automated i.e. all information is pre-populated based on an auto-generated list, thus cutting down processing time and minimizing human errors. Office orders for all HR actions are now auto-generated in both Dzongkha and English, thereby removing the requirement for drafting separate letters and standardising the letter contents.

There are many digital features that will ensure compliance to the Bhutan Civil Service Rules and Regulation 2018. For e.g. the system will not allow for HR actions like transfers, promotions, trainings to be processed for Employees who are ineligible, the system will also provide auto notification/reminders to HR Officers/Assistants where actions are required like contract expiry, superannuation and completion of study period.

The System also has a Self Service portal that will provide many new digital services to the Civil Servants like:
● Viewing their personal and financial profile and updating/applying for information updation;
● Applying for Leave like EOL and Medical;
● Downloading their individual office orders and CVs;
● Uploading their joining reports and semester reports for their Long Term Studies;
● Being informed on when promotions or other benefits are due;
● A calculator for HR Actions such as study obligation, due date for next promotion etc
The Self Service Portal will ensure the accuracy of the information and reduce the administrative burden for HR functions as they no longer need to provide these services.

The ZESt wherever possible is linked to other ICT systems that provide a single source of information such as the Census data for citizenship information. This would reduce duplication of efforts, documentation and ensure data integrity.

The Commission is hopeful that the new system would contribute to our efforts of digital transformation and pave our way in using innovative technology to shape the way we do business in the Civil Service that is faster, better and cost effective.