Transform ideas into innovative value to enhance the growth of industries, markets and lives in our country in the booming Digital Era..


To provide the best quality customer service using the state of art and technology in Information and Communication at affordable prices to both private and government organizations in Country and South East Asia.

About Us

Yang Khor was established in 2005. Over the period of time, Yang Khor IT Solution is one of the leading Technology Solution providers in the country. The company is a market leader as a solution integrator with a differentiated approach providing innovative solutions to clients of all sizes.

What We Do

We have been passionately delivering customized business solutions that help organizations accelerate revenue growth, increase market penetration, optimize operating costs and improve employee productivity by embedding communication in their business processes.

We use our solution integration capabilities to integrate best of breed products to provide “End to End” solutions.

Our Skills

Team of 15+ Experienced and Certified Engineers & best technology alliances, Yang Khor delivers best of breed business practices. Our pre-sales team thoroughly assess your organization’s unique IT Requirements and provide brand neutral recommendations to perfectly suit your business.

We offer Tailor-made flexible solutions. We aspire to be globally recognized for our technology solutions expertise and practices.

Fast Delivery

Prompt delivery of services and products.

Have a Project in your mind?

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